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Answers to common questions

Are classes at Spirit Winds Approved Continuing Education?

 Spirit Winds Trainings are all Approved as Continuing Education with NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) Approved Provider #225.

 Spirit Winds is also an Approved Institution with T.H.A.I. (Thai Healing Alliance International)


How do I become a certified Thai Massage Therapist? What is the difference between Certification and Licensing?

Certification and Licensing requirements vary from state to state and sometimes city to city.
Check with your local County Recorder’s Office or City Hall for the specific and accurate guidelines for where you live and want to work.

 In regards to state requirements you can call ABMP (Associated Bodywork Massage Professionals) at (855) 306-4572 and ask what the requirements for Licensing and Certification are for your state.

Certification and Licensing are two different things.  In California, Licensing is voluntary not mandatory (except in a small percentage of cities that are making their own individual requirements).  CAMTC is the organization that is creating Licensing in California (which is a relatively new development).  It requires 500 hours from a State Approved School and does not accept Continuing Education as part of that 500 hours, which means that if you want to get Licensing from CAMTC as a massage therapist then you would need to go to a Western style massage school first before coming for Thai massage training at Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage.  Again, in California, Licensing is voluntary not mandatory.  If you want to work at a Spa for example, they may want therapists with Licensing as employees. If you want to work independently with your own business then Certification in Califo

Certification in California is 250 hours to be a Certified Massage Practitioner and 500 hours to be a Certified Massage Therapist.  By applying to ABMP at www.ABMP.com  you will receive a certificate according to your level of training by sending in your certificates from all of your classes from Approved Schools and Approved Continuing Education Providers (training in Western modalities and training in Eastern modalities) and you can also get your insurance with them.

 You can get insurance even while you are a student and work with clients while you are still acquiring your training hours.  Once you get to a CMP or a CMT level of training hours you can put those letters after your name showing your level of Certification. 
We also recommend that you become approved with T.H.A.I (Thai Healing Alliance International) to show that you have been trained in Traditional Thai massage by an Approved Instructor or Institution.  You can go to www.thaihealingalliance.com to see the requirements for levels of membership.  RTT (Registered Thai Therapist) requires 220 hours of training in Traditional Thai massage (not hybrids or western fusion classes) with at least 2 teachers and 50 hours of documented practice.

If you come to Spirit Winds and take all of the classes in the 275 hour Program (each with their own CEU certificate) and perhaps an extra class with a Guest teacher, you will be at a CMP level of training with ABMP and a RTT level of training with T.H.A.I.  If you want to become an Advanced Therapist, we recommend you continue on with your studies in Anatomy/Pathology/Ethics and Business to round out your skills, perhaps a trip to Thailand to understand the cultural foundation of Traditional Thai Medicine and to study and receive from other schools and therapists.  You can continue to advance your studies as well at Spirit Winds by taking classes twice for half price and taking more of the Advanced courses as they are being added to the curriculum.  You can bring your training up to the level of Certified Massage Therapist (500 hours) specializing in Traditional Thai Massage. For example, Janice Gagnon, CMT, RTT


Where are you located?

Trainings are held at a beautiful private retreat style location 15-20 minutes outside of Nevada City/Grass Valley on an 8-acre property.  We provide students with the physical address when they register for a class in the Confirmation Letter. 


Can I come and see/visit the school?

Yes, we would love to show you where you are considering studying.  Please call to make an appointment 530-263-3181.


What are the options for accommodation?

We have on-site accommodations.  The house has 3 bedroom with 5beds. 
Room on main floor has 2 twin beds
Room on the main floor has 1 queen bed
Loft Room upstairs has 2 twin beds
Vintage trailer has 2 twin beds
Janice’s studio has 2 twin beds
Seasonal camping, one tent by pond with 2 twin beds “glamping”

You can request the room you prefer but it is first come first served and Janice will make the
final arrangements according to the individual needs and the group.



Do you have special payment arrangements?

 You have the option to pay only the deposit at time of registration. The balance is due before beginning your class or course.


Payment Plans

If you have the time but don’t have all of the funds you can make a payment plan.  It can be set up according to what you need by talking personally with Janice Gagnon to make arrangements.  Please call 530-263-3181.

 If you have any other needs please contact us.


How do I pay for accommodations?

You will pay when you arrive by cash, check or credit card.


Do I have to pay for the nights I do not stay on-site?


Your bed will be saved for you if possible.  You only pay for the nights that you stay.


Can I bring my own camper/van/tent?


Yes, if you prefer to camp in your own space we will try to find a good flat spot for you to park and you will have use of the house for kitchen/bathroom/shower, etc. the rate is $25/night for camping with your own gear. Tent space though is very limited so it depends on availability.


Do I need to bring bedding?


No, all of linens, blankets, pillows, are already there and beds are made just like a vacation rental.




Do I bring my own food?


Yes, you bring your own food.  The house has a fully equipped kitchen with all appliances, dishes, utensils, etc. There is a blender but there isn’t a juicer.


Please arrive with my food on the first day.


Can we go out for lunches?


Please have food with you for lunches. The one hour lunch break is not enough time to go to town to shop or get lunch out and drive back for class in time.


Are there restaurants in the area for dinners?


Yes, Nevada City and Grass Valley are a 15-20 minute drive and have many great restaurants, organic choices and Co-op grocery stores… Thai restaurants too!


Do we cook meals together?


Sometimes, that is up to you as a group.  We usually do at least one potluck meal that we all share together as a special lunch or dinner, and we usually go out for a Thai meal as a special evening together at the end of the training.


Activities in the Area:


What is there to do after class in the area?


Walking distance:  There are walks on the country roads directly outside the house, no need to drive.  There are 2 ponds on the property for swimming (seasonal).  There is mountain biking routes from the house.


Driving distance: The Yuba river; (25 minutes drive) is beautiful!  It has swimming holes, sandy beaches, waterfalls, granite rocks, and hiking trails.
Nevada City/Grass Valley; historic gold mining towns with tourism so there is a lot of great shopping and restaurants.  Nevada City is a progressive and eclectic community and its organic options and alternative clothing and shops reflect that.
Lake Tahoe; one hour drive is a great destination for a day trip on your days off.




Where do I fly into?


You can fly into Reno (seasonal) but I do not recommend flying into Reno from November to April.  The Donner pass is a very difficult and slow drive in snow season. In summer season it is a 1 ½ hour drive from the Reno airport to the school.


I recommend flying into Sacramento for classes throughout the year.  It is about an hour and 20 minute drive from the Sacramento airport to the school.


What are the transportation options?


Students are responsible for organizing their own transportation.  Options are renting a car at the airport or booking a door-to-door shuttle service:


Super shuttle: $88/one way, + $11/person 916-648-2500
Sac airport shuttle: $139/one way for 1-6 passengers 916-234-6884
Nevada County shuttle: $95/one way for 1-5 passengers 530-575-7011  ncairporter.com


Can I share a ride with someone else coming from the airport?


Yes, we will do our best to connect via email all of the students flying into the Sacramento airport so that you can try to coordinate your flights to land within a similar time frame and share costs of a rental car or shuttle.


What is the address of the school?


We will give you the address to the school when you register for class, it is about 15 minutes outside of Grass Valley/Nevada City towards Colfax.  Please keep or print out the directions that we give you so that you take the easiest route that we recommend instead of GPS.  Please also make sure that you are not going to a downtown Nevada City address, that is where we used to be located.


Waiting Lists


If a class is full can you sign up to be on a waiting list?


Yes, when you click on “register” for a course on the website it will show “This class is full, sign up on our waiting list”.  Fill out the information and submit it and your name will be added to the waiting list for that event and we will contact you to let you know that we have you in the file.